Ronald Snead was a 1971 Biology graduate of Ferris State College. He attended Ferris at a time of great racial unrest. While at Ferris, Snead captured some of the turmoil of the period through scrapbooks of newsclippings.

Snead loaned the scrapbooks to create an electronic version that will help current students and staff to understand that period of our history. The scrapbooks also contain material about Snead's involvement with student government.

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Ron Snead Scrapbook 2. Page 16.


Alpha Phi Alpha nomination letter for Greek Man of the Term

Ron Snead Scrapbook 2. Page 15.


Letter to Ron Snead offering membership in the Omicron Delta Kappa leadership fraternity from Dacho Dachoff, Ferris State College. April 24, 1970. 1…

Ron Snead Scrapbook 2. Page 14.


Letter to Ron Snead from RIchard Miller, Student Government president, Ferris State College. May 12, 1969. 1 page.