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Letter to Ron Snead offering membership in the Omicron Delta Kappa leadership fraternity from Dacho Dachoff, Ferris State College. April 24, 1970. 1 page.

Letter to Ron Snead from RIchard Miller, Student Government president, Ferris State College. May 12, 1969. 1 page.

Letter to Ron Snead from William Day, Dean of Teacher Education, Ferris State College. May 7, 1970. 1 page.

Letter to Ron Snead from Harold Husa, Vice-President for Student Affairs, Ferris State College. June 25, 1969. 1 page.

Letter to Ron Snead from Jim Bristah, Board of Christian Social Concerns. May 26, 1969. 1 page.

Letter to Ron Snead from concerned mother in Michigan. May 31, 1969. 1 page.

Ron Snead Scrapbook 2, page 1.
Greek Man of Term news article and program for ceremony.

Whites, blacks clash: Police nab 12 students. Newspaper article. May 1969.

Racial Fighting Hits Ferris; Campus Racism and Draft Information Topics at NAACP. Newspaper articles. May 1969.

Blacks, Whites Blame Ferris Regime. Newspaper article. May 1969.
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